A Los Angeles Child Support Lawyer
2 years ago

A Los Angeles Child Support Lawyer

If you are having issues with the other parent of your child with not helping you take care of your shared child, you might need some help. You will need to help of a family law firm in Los Angeles, Land Legal Group, APC to help you navigate your child support case.  They really feel that the child is the most important. They want your children to be taken care of and supported just as much as you do. Child support is financial support from one of the parents to the other solely to take care of the child’s basic needs. Your child needs food, clothing, and shelter all to have just the basic necessities.


The Los Angeles child support lawyers from Land Legal Group, APC have a great record in getting results for child support cases. They know just how important it is to have the finical means to take care of your child. It can be really hard in Los Angeles to pay for the needs of a child on only one income. It wasn’t your decision to have this child alone and you should not have to care for it alone. You should get the financial help form the other parent, and that is what your lawyer can help you with.

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