A Qualified Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident Lawyer
6 months ago

A Qualified Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

The city of Las Vegas has many different parts to it. It has places where you need to drive, taxi, or bus into and it has other places where you can pretty much walk anywhere. If you’ve been to Las Vegas you know that the strip is a very walkable are, and in fact most people do walk its entirety. This can cause an increase in the chance of you getting in a pedestrian accident, even if you are using the cross walk. You will need a highly qualified pedestrian accident lawyer Las Vegas to assist you if you were struck by a vehicle.


Your pedestrian accident from the personal injury law firm in Las Vegas, Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith will know just how to approach your case. They know the statistics of how likely you are to be in a pedestrian accident and what are the main causes. If you are on the sidewalk, in the cross walk, or even jaywalking when you are hit by the vehicle a skilled lawyer will still be able to help you.  You should always get medical help if you were in an accident you need to take care of yourself first. You should always contact your local police department as well to inform them of the accident and make a statement with them.

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