Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Tucson
3 years ago

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Tucson


Recently, there has been a tendency of courts to not release citizens from bankruptcies from obligations. For some Tucson judges, an overwhelming number of procedures end in non-exemption. The practice of courts of appeal/cassation in similar cases is the same: almost all definitions remain valid. In our opinion, this practice is erroneous, since the main purpose of bankruptcy is discharging obligations, and non-exemption from them is an exceptional measure that is used in strictly established cases (hiding property, providing false documents when receiving a loan, committing a crime). It is important to hire a Tucson Chapter 11 Bankruptcy attorney.


In one of these cases, a citizen who was not released from his obligations addressed us. There were few chances to redefine the definition, but despite this, we took up this matter exclusively pro bono, because we were aware of the profound depravity of this practice and really wanted to “break this tendency”.

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