Clearwater Alimony Lawyers
4 months ago

Clearwater Alimony Lawyers

Maintenance matters A claim for a reduction in alimony The amount of maintenance awarded by a court or by virtue of a settlement may change by submitting a claim for a reduction in maintenance. For this to happen, it is necessary to demonstrate before the court that there has been a change in relations. It is necessary to prove that there have been changes in the economic status of the parties causing a reduction in the scope of earning opportunities required to pay maintenance or reducing the scope of justified needs of the rightsholder. Clearwater alimony lawyers know how to handle all types of cases around spousal support.


Change in relations must be permanent and significant. Where can I file a claim for a reduction in maintenance? A claim for a reduction of maintenance should be brought to the district court competent for the place of residence of the alien entitled to receive maintenance. A claim for a reduction in maintenance may be brought to court by a person obliged to pay maintenance. The Law Firm For Family Law are a family law firm in Clearwater that handle family law cases only. They have the experianced Clearwater lawyers to help with your alimony case.

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