Criminal Lawyer in Portland
2 years ago

Criminal Lawyer in Portland

The role of a criminal law firm in Portland at Mark C. Cogan, P.C.

A lawyer is there for you to minimize the negative consequences of a suspicion. This can be done by challenging a suspicion, a punishment or evidence defense or clearing your name in the event of a false declaration. Always discreet and your interest will fight an LS-Advocaat for the best possible outcome of your case.


It is often possible for a Portland criminal lawyer to handle criminal cases based on their experience. Your Portland lawyer will arrange this for you and discuss the possibilities with you as soon as he takes your case into consideration. All MS Criminal Lawyers always work on a pro bono basis whenever possible.


Victim If you have become a victim of (serious) abuse, it is advisable to go to the police immediately. Of course to make a declaration, but also to determine and record the injury. If the case is brought to court, you may join the criminal case as an injured party. That way you can speak during the session and tell what the crime has done to you. You can also often receive compensation from the offender. Medical costs or damage to goods can be reimbursed. An LS Advocaat can advise and assist you during the criminal proceedings.

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