Grandparents Rights Law in Los Angeles
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Grandparents Rights Law in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Grandparents Rights Attorney from Land Legal Group .Unfortunately, it may happen that after parents divorce, deprivation of their parental rights, grandparents lose the opportunity to communicate with their grandchildren. You should be aware that family law provides grandparents with the right to communicate with their grandchildren, and grandchildren to communicate with their grandparents. Communication means not only personal meetings, but also correspondence, telephone conversations, visits to each other. Of course, you are not obliged to communicate with your grandson, however, if you are concerned about the well-being of your grandchildren and your meetings with them are vital, the court can protect your rights. When you are fighting for your rights and the rights of grandchildren to communicate with you, it is very important that you are represented by a lawyer who is well versed in family law in Los Angeles.

If parents prevent you from communicating with their grandchildren, you should contact the guardianship authority, which can oblige parents to give grandparents the opportunity to communicate with their grandchildren, as the parents have a duty not to interfere with the communication between grandparents and grandchildren. The guardianship and trusteeship body, as a rule, having ascertained the opinion of parents, persons living with their grandchildren, and if necessary, educators, teachers, may decide on the decisive procedure for the child’s communication with the grandfather and grandmother.

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