Hire a Long Beach Child Support Lawyer
1 year ago

Hire a Long Beach Child Support Lawyer

Raising a child can be financially taxing, even if you have both parents in the picture helping support the child. You have to make sure that the child has food, school supplies, clothes, medical needs taken care of, as well as a place to live. And in Long Beach all those costs add up and can be very expensive. If you and your partner have broken up either through divorce or just ending your relationship coming to an agreement on how to financially care for the child can be difficult. You will want to hire a lawyer from the Long Beach family law firm The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro. They will help you get a legal court order saying how much which parent must pay the other parent in order to support the child’s needs.


The one who has to pay child support is typically the parent that the child does not live with full time. Child support has so many different factors taken into consideration, how much each parent makes, what the child’s needs are, where the child lives, and all different factors to see how much child support needs to be paid and by which parent. Get a Long Beach child support lawyer if the other parent is not helping you pay for what the child needs to survive. When you have a child it is now both of your responsibility to make sure it is cared for. The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro are a family law firm based in Long Beach who will do what it takes to ensure that your child is looked after. They will fight for you in the courtroom.


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