Los Angeles Workers, Know Your Worth
2 years ago

Los Angeles Workers, Know Your Worth

Identify your worth by understanding what the federal law has established to be a guide for employees in all states. In addition, many states have adopted laws that are even more favorable than the established federal laws. California's residents in some cases may be govern by wage and hour laws when working outside of the state of California. While California's state minimum wage is significantly higher than the federal's minimum wage, Los Angeles' minimum wage is even higher than that of California. In addition to Los Angeles having a hire minimum wage there is also a variance of minimum wages that are determined by the industry of which an employee works.


Residents of Los Angeles who have concerns about fair wages and hours, don't settle for the unknown. Ensure that you are indeed being paid fairly. If in doubt seek professional assistance. For a free consultation contact Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP an employment law firm in Los Angeles, who are committed to being knowledgeable of the latest law changes. They have the best employment lawyers Los Angeles around, who know how the laws work and what will be needed for your case. They are there to defend your rights. 

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