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Slip and Fall Personal Injury


The Marks Law Group, LLC can help you in your personal injury case in Atlanta. 

Unfortunate accidents, eg slipping on an icy surface, happen very often. Injured people are usually unaware that, despite the lack of voluntary insurance, they have a chance for compensation. If the sidewalk, staircase, and stop were slippery, it means that most probably it was not fulfilled the obligation to adapt them for use.


slip and fall attorney in Atlanta will help in determining who the sidewalk was on the board, and then report the appropriate requests in the right form on behalf of the victim. They should be well documented, just like the circumstances of the accident.


In addition, the lawyer will read the medical records, on the basis of which it is possible to determine what were the consequences of the fall and what satisfaction should be given. In the course of the case, the advocate will look after its proper course, in particular at the stage of court proceedings.

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