Paternity and the Law.
2 years ago

Paternity and the Law.

In law, paternity is a very vital issue. Paternity is the legal process to determine the real parents of a child, in case he/she was born outside marriage. Paternity can be determined in two different ways, i.e. Voluntary and Involuntary. Whenever one or both of the parents do not assume responsibility, a legal action can be taken to determine the parents of the child so that he/she can get the benefits he/she is entitled to as a child. This process is Involuntary Paternity, and it is carried out if the parents are not married.

Paternity is meant to benefit all the involved parties, including the child, the mother and the father of the child. To the father, he gains custody and rights to visit the child. The mother receives financial support if it has been determined the man in question is the father of the child. Both the parents have responsibility over the child, and some of the things he or she gains include:
– Right to housing and support.
– Right to inheritance.
– Right to information access, including any health risks of the family, etc.
– Access to workers’ compensation benefits in case of death of his or her parent.

Determining paternity requires the legal processes which can only be carried out by a family attorney in accordance to state laws. The Land Whitmarsh LLP is known to be experienced on the matters of establishing paternity in Los Angeles. If you need any assistance regarding paternity, contact Land Whitmarsh LLP, a Los Angeles based family law firm, today.

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