Prenuptial Agreement Attorney in Los Angeles
1 year ago

Prenuptial Agreement Attorney in Los Angeles

A Family Law Firm in Los Angeles. A lawyer is a specialty that appeared in Land Legal Group a family law firm in Los Angeles, relatively recently. A few years ago, most of the newlyweds only smiled when they heard about the marriage contract. For some reason, for a long time, it was customary to assume that only celebrities with multimillion-dollar states enter into marriage contracts. Recently, however, the point of view on marriage contracts has changed radically. Today, the official marriage agreement between the spouses is not considered something shameful. After all, this is not about distrust of one’s soul mate, but about a legal settlement of property issues.

Are there any rules for drawing up a marriage contract? How is the marriage contract made? The marriage contract is made only with the mutual consent of the spouses, and he must take into account the interests of both parties. In this case, you can terminate the contract at any time, but again – only with the consent of both spouses. Since a marriage contract is an official paper, a number of documents are needed to draw it up and sign it: Passport spouses. Marriage certificate (if available). It is noteworthy that the marriage contract can be concluded both before and after the conclusion of the marriage. If the contract is concluded before the marriage, it still comes into force only after the formalization of the relationship. Documents of title to the property that appears in the marriage contract.

All prescribed conditions must necessarily comply with their legislation and not contradict it. This means that a constituent contract must ideally know the entire legal system in order to conclude a competent marriage contract. However, this alone is not enough. The most important thing is to take into account the interests of the spouses. What points should be paid more attention to, is it worth limiting any terms of the contract in time? Should separate clauses of the contract be tied to certain circumstances, for example, to the birth of common children?

In the process of drawing up a marriage contract, there are many questions that only a professional Los Angeles prenuptial agreement attorney can correctly answer. Only after all the conditions of the marriage contract are thoroughly analyzed and accepted, can it be signed and notarized. In this case, three copies of the contract are drawn up: two of them are given to the spouses, and one remains with the notary.

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