Spousal Support Application with Anton Legal Group
2 years ago

Spousal Support Application with Anton Legal Group

Spousal support, also known as alimony or maintenance, is financial support paid by a spouse to his former partner after a divorce or separation. This is requested after further deliberation in the court order or an agreement. You can apply for a spousal support if you are married or lived together with your former partner in a marriage-like relationship for years with or without a child.

Many couples opt to come to an agreement without going to a court to apply for the spousal support. This is convenient since they do not have to pay sums of money or waste both their time. However, there is a drawback from that circumstance. It is always advisable that couples who decide to part ways should see a lawyer to talk about the appropriate financial assistance given for the former partner. In addition, they should be aware of the duration of financial support (how long should the support last).

Court applications can be costly and time-consuming. Nevertheless, it gives you peace of mind of how much will you receive from your former partner especially when both of you have a child. You may consult Anton Legal Group, a family law practicing firm in Tampa, so your inquiries will be answered.

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