why hire injury at work lawyers
2 months ago

why hire injury at work lawyers

Lawyers who specialize in work injury claims assist claimants in achieving the maximum compensation. It is vital that lawyers establish important points to make a successful claim. First, claimants need to prove that the person responsible for the accident owes a duty of care.
An employee who sustained injuries while at work can file a claim against his employer. Employers owe a duty to take care of their employees. Second, it is necessary to prove that the other party has breached his duty.

Employers can be liable for the injuries sustained by the employee while at work. It is the responsibility of business owners to provide a safe and healthy environment for the workers, as well as the customers and guests on their premises. Failure of the business owner to provide a safe and healthy environment is negligence. Third, claimants need to prove that the breach of duty resulted in injury or death of the victim of negligence.

Work Injury Lawyers assist in explaining the rights and responsibilities of the employees. Any risk to an individual's health and safety should be adequately controlled.

Employees have the right to express any health and safety concerns to their employer. If the employer refused to make any action, the employees have the right to bring this up to the Health and Safety Executive. Also, workers are entitled to rest breaks during the working day and enjoy paid holiday vacations annually. Employees also carry some responsibilities in the workplace. Employees should report any illness or injuries suffered in the workplace.

Common work accidents at work include lifting heavy loads, slips/trips/falls, falling from a height, back or neck injuries, burns, repetitive strain injuries and other diseases.

Work accident claims require legal advice to bring a successful claim. Contact Joe, Southard & Yeoh LLP in Los Angeles today to help you with your workers compensatation claim.

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