Child Custody Attorney in Salt Lake City.
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Child Custody Attorney in Salt Lake City.

After separation, mothers and fathers often argue bitterly about parental custody of the children. A common concern between the two parents is only possible if it does not harm the best interests of the child. The common parental care is desirable for a child – in most cases at least. When a common parental care is not appropriate, the following case shows: Smoak Law, P.C. are a Salt Lake City family law firm.

After the unmarried Salt Lake City parents had separated, the son lived with the mother. This had the sole custody, the father had a right to access. However, he requested the common parental care after the separation. In addition, he sought the right of residence for the child. The mother and father are still completely divided. The two parents would not reflect on their own behavior and would not be able to approach each other. A common residency is therefore also not possible: The parents could not agree on the day-to-day stay of their son. Get a Salt Lake City child custody attorney.

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