Child Support in San Bernardino
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Child Support in San Bernardino

According to the Law Office of Joyce Holcomb some people in San Bernardino, has the, in principle, the right to child support for own, stepchildren or foster children up to the age of 18. Law Office of Joyce Holcomb are a family law firm in San Bernardino.

The condition is that the person maintains the children. For children aged 16 and 17 there are different rules for child benefit than for younger children. Parents can receive child benefit if their child: is at school during the day and is in the process of obtaining a basic qualification (minimum level 2 diploma, havo or vwo diploma) oris exempt from obtaining a basic qualification or has already obtained a starting qualification and with a side job does not earn more than  $1,285 net per quarter. If the child earns more, the parents will not receive child benefit. Hire a San Bernardino child support attorney.

The level of child benefit depends on many factors. For example, parents get more child benefit if their child turns 6 and the amount goes up again when the child turns 12. The actual amounts are in . As compensation for the higher costs, parents can be entitled to double child benefit.

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