How to Know Rights Under Federal Wage And Hour Laws
3 years ago

How to Know Rights Under Federal Wage And Hour Laws

If you live in Los Angeles you are entitled to under state and federal wage and hour laws only when the employment relationship exists – so if you are an independent contractor, partner or volunteer, these laws do not apply to you..

Minimum wage and overtime laws do not apply to certain employees. For example, salespeople often work outside the employer’s place of business (hereinafter referred to as “selling out”) are not paid minimum wage or overtime. Some people work on small farm workers and livestock products, are exempt from minimum wage and overtime. Some people work on a small farm workers and oxen products, are exempt from minimum pay and overtime and some employees on lesser farms and employees in oxen manufacture are exempt from minimum pay and overtime salary. Confident student workers are not hidden. Casual baby-minders and buddies to the senior are exempt. Only employees exempt from overtime rules. For example, farm workers, most of them do not have to pay overtime. No need for long distance truck driver, taxi driver or newspaper carriers. And sales, cars, boats, airplanes, and dealers are exempt from overtime rules. Workers in countries such as cooks and housekeepers are exempt if they live in families where they work. In addition, exempt from the cinema and retail salespeople are not less than 50 percent of their compensation committees. The rules specifically apply to overtime, some employers’ canneries, drying and packaging must be paid for overtime work performed for more than 10 hours a day, mills, manufacturing plants and factories should have to pay overtime for extra 10 times operated in a day and without a shared brokering contract provides else. County, city, and school district employees must receive overtime pay after eight hours a day if the collective agreement provides otherwise. Underground miners cannot work more than eight hours within 24 hours of hospital staff, police, fire, and residential care facilities and nursing homes have special rules for overtime. Call the Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP employment law firm located in Los Angeles, for more information.

If you do not think that you will receive full payment of the agreed wage or minimum wage or overtime compensation, or you can call the Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP firm. The agency has offices in Los Angeles. If you are an employee of a public employer, it may be you need to sue your employer as well. Complaints can also be used for a private attorney on your behalf, and the court may appoint a successful lawyer, you will pay in part or in full by the employer.

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