Irvine Truck Accident Lawyer
1 year ago

Irvine Truck Accident Lawyer

We have all seen trucks on the road, either on the highway or the streets, there are trucks everywhere. With more trucks around just by sheer numbers it makes a truck accident more likely to happen. If you were injured in a truck accident in Irvine, you may want to look into hiring a lawyer to take on your case. A truck accident lawyer can greatly benefit your case. Be sure to call Hanning & Sachetto, LLP a personal injury law firm in Irvine to talk about what they can do for your case. If you want the best truck accident lawyers around you will be calling this law firm. They will represent your case in the most professional manner.


Since a truck is such a massive vehicle, the injuries people who were in the accident tend to suffer from are quite severe. People can suffer from wrongful death, brain injuries, neck injuries, back or spine injuries, broken bones, internal organ damage, and even amputations. Hire the best from Hanning & Sachetto, LLP an Irvine personal injury law firm. They will take your truck accident case seriously and will be sure to keep your case on the forefront of their mind. They have the best Irvine truck accident attorneys that will take your case to the next level. You can be confident in your lawyer choice.

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