Legal Ambassadors – Find a Criminal Lawyer
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Legal Ambassadors – Find a Criminal Lawyer

Representation and protection of the rights and interests of witnesses. Criminal Lawyer With the introduction of the new criminal lawyer on a legal directory website, a lawyer had previously not been given the opportunity to protect the rights and legitimate interests of both citizens of Los Angeles and foreigners. In this regard, the protection in criminal matters has become really more effective against the accused person in the commission of a crime, a witness or a victim.

A lawyer in criminal cases of our law firm can provide qualified assistance in various degrees of a category of cases, ranging from not serious crimes – ending with especially serious crimes and at any stage. A criminal lawyer conducts initial consultations on rendering legal assistance to those in need, may, if necessary, build up a professional defense tactic in relation to the accused person, take part in investigative actions, and gather the necessary evidentiary base. Legal Ambassadors are a directory website for lawyers.


The lawyer services of our law firm will help you objectively and with a high degree of professionalism and experience to understand the specific situation by scrupulously delving into the details of the case, which will allow for proper legal protection and as a result achieve the desired result. The distinction of our criminal lawyer in the provision of legal services is a thorough knowledge of relevant laws and many years of experience in law enforcement, which allows you to effectively cope with the task. Unfortunately, there are not so many lawyers in legal Ambassadors who would approach the problems of the accused person or the victim with full responsibility, therefore the criminal lawyer of our law firm, taking into account the clarified circumstances, will make the right decision on the development of the strategy.

So, the legal services that our criminal lawyer provides: – Appeal against entering data into the unified state register of pre-trial investigations in relation to a specific person; – protection of the interests of the person suspected of having committed a crime; – participation in investigative actions; – preparation of petitions, applications, complaints; – development of tactics and strategy of conducting a criminal case; – protection and representation of the interests of the defendant during court sessions; – visiting of the accused, suspected persons in the SIZO; – analysis of the criminal case materials; – drawing up a civil action. This list of services is not final, and if necessary, our criminal lawyer will prepare and collect the documents that will be needed to maintain the established line of defense.

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