Stockton Pedestrian Accident Attorney
1 year ago

Stockton Pedestrian Accident Attorney

More often than not a pedestrian accident is caused by some sort of vehicle and not by another person. Pedestrian accidents can be caused by the same factors that cause truck, motorcycle, and car accidents. An accident such as this can occur when a driver is texting, or distracted, when they don’t look in the crosswalk before they make their turn, being under the influence, and even just ignoring traffic signals.


If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident you will want to call, Redkey Gordon Law Corp a personal injury law firm based in Stockton. They can let you know your rights, and what steps you can take after your accident. They have been by the side of many people who have dealt with pedestrian accidents, making them a strong law firm to go into court with. You’ll want a strong Stockton pedestrian accident attorney helping your case.


Redkey Gordon Law Corp are a Stockton personal injury law firm, who know how to handle insurance companies. They’re going to need to get in contact with the vehicle’s insurance company and prove to them and the Stockton courts your case. Typically, the forms of compensation you can fight for is your loss of wages and income and your medical bills.

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