White Collar Crimes Attorney from Portland
1 year ago

White Collar Crimes Attorney from Portland

White collar crimes are very hefty crimes, that are taken with the upmost of seriousness. With penalties that can be as much as prison time, you want to make sure that if you have been charged with a crime of this nature that you contact a Portland white collar crimes attorney. As with most criminal cases, you have a very slim chance of having any success if you do not have a lawyer. Having a lawyer is your best option at getting lesser penalties if any. While obviously you hire a lawyer because you want the charges dropped, but you have to be realistic. Your lawyer will do what they can, but you are probably still going to face some sort of punishment since white collar crimes are so severe.


White collar crimes in Portland can be, fraud, embezzlement, and even forgery. Fraud could be identity theft, or credit card fraud. While you can also be charged with a white collar crime for welfare fraud as well as bribery. You will need to call Mark C. Cogan, P.C. a criminal law firm in Portland, if you want any chance at success. This law firm has been handling criminal law cases for their entire career. It is where they feel they have the best expertise.



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